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Our team represents decades of expertise in
data security & secure digital transformation

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Joan Ziegler
Raaj Shah
Tony Lau
Sylvio Carota
VP Engineering
Jennifer Burk
Product Manager

25+ years as founder & creator of revolutionary patented technologies monetized with world class companies across multiple industries

  • Joan Ziegler | LinkedIn

25 years of investing
& operational experience across a range of industries & startups

  • Raaj Shah | LinkedIn

25 years of best practices in security, achieving compliance with NIST, PCI-DSS, Mastercard
& Visa standards

  • Tony Lau | LinkedIn

25 years driving innovation & leadership in  technology with security by design in healthcare
& fintech products

  • Sylvio Carota | LinkedIn

20 years leading excellence in novel healthcare product
processes & services for the healthcare industry 

  • Jennifer Burk | LinkedIn

Advisory Board

John Warner
Bill Carson
Bruce Hallowell
Salim Kizraly
  • John Warner | LinkedIn
  • Bill Carson | LinkedIn
  • Bruce Hallowell | LinkedIn
  • Salim Kizraly | LinkedIn
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