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Integrated Graph Advanced Analytics:
How is it superior to
Relational Database Analytics?

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Graph Analytics is 1,000x faster than a Relational Database

Graph Analytics
easily models & stores complex relationship data
& large data sets

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Simplify complex queries without the hassle of multiple JOINS.

After 3-4 JOINs, Relational Database performance degrades

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Easily scale to
TB or PB of data

for performance with lower cost of ownership

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Effortless modeling of new relationships

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Here's how Graph Analytics works.

A graph stores the relationships between data entities & can

be used to uncover relationships between data entities.

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Let's look at a couple Analytics case studies.

Advanced Analytics:
Provider Case Study

  • Leverage 50 million unique patients' EHRs

  • Identify related EHR for better understanding of patients’ history

  • Ensure better patient outcomes in less time

Provider Objectives

  • Leveraged petabytes of data to load & compute the patient profile  

  • Reduce call time from 24 to 18 minutes 

  • Built a demonstrable track record of better patient outcomes 

Results that Move the Needle

GOAL: Aggregate health records to improve patient outcomes after telehealth visit

Advanced Analytics:
Pharma Case Study

  • Leverage TB of data efficiently

  • Identify referral relationships amongst
    prescribers through correlation of medical & pharmacy claims data over time

  • Detect communities of prescribers based on claims analysis & identify influential hubs

  • Prioritize the key prescriber communities to roll out a new drug

Pharma Company Objectives

  • Leveraged TB of data

  • Load & compute was speedy & efficient

  • Graph Analytics enabled Pharma company to identify the most influential providers, to drive prescriptions for cardiac care, and to educate key prescribers on products with the best fit & efficacy for their patients

Results that Move the Needle

GOAL: Understanding relationships amongst patients & prescribers to increase sales of a new drug

Case Studies

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